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Mississippi Traffic Laws

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Below you will find links to traffic laws and driving rules in Mississippi -- including the online vehicle code, statutes on common traffic violations, and state-specific driving manuals (where available).

Drinking & Driving ViolationsOperation of vehicle while under influence (MS Code 63-11-30)
Driving Without a License / With a Suspended LicenseRequirement of motor vehicle operator's license (MS Code 63-1-5)
Driving Without Insurance / With Insufficient InsuranceMotor vehicle safety - responsibility (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 15)
Driving Without Registration / With Expired RegistrationMotor vehicle titles (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 21)
Illegal U-TurnTurning at intersections (MS Code 63-3-703)
Leaving the Scene of an Accident / Hit & RunAccidents and Reports (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 3 scroll to Article 9)
Mechanical ViolationsEquipment and Identification (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 7)
Reckless DrivingReckless driving (MS Code 63-3-1201)
Running a Red Light / Stop SignTraffic signs, signals, and markings (MS Code Title 52, Ch. 3 scroll to Article 7)
Seat Belt / Child Restraint ViolationsMandatory use of safety belts (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 2)
SpeedingRestrictions on Speed (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 3 scroll to Article 11)
Unlawful Vehicle ModificationsEquipment and Identification (MS Code Title 63, Ch. 7)

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