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Illegal U-Turn: State Laws

State Statute
Alabama Turning movements and required signals

(AL Code 32-5A-133)

Alaska Negligent Driving

(AK Statutes 28.35.45)

Arizona Limitations on turning around

(ARS 28-752)

Arkansas Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited

(AR Code section 27-51-402)

California Turning and Stopping and Turning Signals

(California Vehicle Code Sections 22100 - 22113)

Colorado Limitations on turning around

(CRS 42-4-902)

Connecticut Turns restricted...U-turns

(GSC section 14-242)

Delaware Limitations on turning around

(DE Code Title 21 section 4153)

District of Columbia

Browse the D.C. Vehicle Code (scroll to Title 50)

Florida Limitations on turning around

  FS 316.1515

Georgia U-turns

(Georgia Code 40-6-121)

Hawaii Turning so as to proceed in the opposite direction

(HRS section 291C-82)

Idaho Limitations on turning around

(ID Statutes section 49-645)

Illinois Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning

(625 ILCS 5/11-801 to 5/11-806)

Indiana Vehicle Operation

(Indiana Code 9-21-8)

Iowa Turning at intersections

(IA Code section 321.311)

Kansas Limitations on "U" turns

(KS Statutes 8-1546)

Kentucky Turning around on curve or grade

[PDF] (KRS 189.400)

Louisiana Turning movements and required signals

(LRS 32:104)

Maine U-turns

(MRS Title 29-A section 2072)

Maryland Vehicle turning left or making u-turn

(MD Transp. Code section 21-402)

Massachusetts Traffic control signs and devices

(89 MGL section 9)

Michigan Turning at intersection; violation as civil infraction

(MI Vehicle Code section 257.647)

Minnesota Turning, starting, and signaling

(MN Statute 169.19)

Mississippi Turning at intersections

(MS Code 63-3-703)

Missouri Turns at Intersection

(MRS 304.341)

Montana Limitation on U-turns

(MCA section 61-8-334)

Nebraska Turning to proceed in opposite direction

(R.R.S. Nebr. § 60-6, 160)

Nevada Allowed and prohibited u-turns

(NRS 484.337)

New Hampshire Turning and starting

(NH Statutes 265:45)

New Jersey Turning on curve, grade, or ... [where] marked with "no U turn" sign

(NJ Statutes 39:4-125)

New Mexico Turning movements and required signals

(NMS 66-7-325)

New York U-turns in certain areas prohibited

(NY Vehicle & Traffic Code section 1161)

North Carolina Turning at intersections

(NCGS section 20-153)

North Dakota Limitations on turning around

[PDF] (ND Code Chapter 39-10 scroll to 39-10-36)

Ohio Rules for Turns at Intersections

(ORC section 4511.36)

Oklahoma Turning movements and required signals

(OK Statutes Title 47 scroll to 47-11-604)

Oregon Rules of the Road: Illegal U-turn; penalty

[PDF] (OR Vehicle Code scroll to 811.365 )

Pennsylvania Rules of the Road: Turning, Starting, and Signals

[PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 33; scroll to Subchapter C)

Rhode Island Places where U-turns prohibited

(RI Code 31-16-4)

South Carolina Limitations on turning around

(SC Code scroll to section 56-5-2140)

South Dakota U-turn prohibited in passing zone or where unsafe

(SD Codified Laws section 32-26-25)

Tennessee Turning movements

(TN Code section 55-8-142)

Texas Operation and Movement of Vehicles

(TX Transp. Code Ch. 545)

Utah Turning around -- Where prohibited -- Visibility

(UT Code 41-6a-802)

Vermont Turning prohibited

(23 VSA section 1062)

Virginia Limitation on U-turns

(VA Code 46.2-845)

Washington "U" turns

(RCW section 46.61.295)

West Virginia Turning movements and required signals

(WV Code section 17C-8-8)

Wisconsin Where turns prohibited, exception

[PDF] (WI Code Chapter 346 scroll to section 346.33)

Wyoming Limitations on turning around

(WY Statutes Title 31, Ch. 5 scroll to 31-5-215)

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