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Driving Without a Valid Driver's License: State Laws

State Statute
Alabama License required

(AL Code 32-6-1)
Penalties - Violations in general (AL Code 32-6-18)

Alaska Drivers must be licensed

(AK Statutes scroll to 28.15.011)

Arizona License Violations

(ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-3471 to 28-3481)

Arkansas Driver's license required

(AR Code 27-16-602)

California Violation of License Provisions

(California Vehicle Code Sections 14600 - 14611)

Colorado Licenses for drivers required

(CRS 42-2-101)

Connecticut Motor vehicle operator's license

(GSC section 14-36)

Delaware Driving without a license

(DE Code Title 21 section 2701)

District of Columbia Operation without permit prohibited

(DC Code section 50-1401.01)

Florida Drivers must be licensed; penalties

(FS 322.03)

Georgia Valid driver's license required

(Georgia Code 40-5-20)

Hawaii Licensing

(HRS section 286-102)

Idaho Drivers to be licensed

(ID Statutes section 49-301)

Illinois Violation of License Provisions

(625 ILCS 5/6-301 to 5/6-307)

Indiana Driver's Licenses: General Penalty Provisions

(Indiana Code 9-24-18 to
Driver's Licenses: Penalty Provisions for Operating a Motor Vehicle With Suspended or Revoked Driving Privileges, Licenses, or Permits (Indiana Code 9-24-19)

Iowa Operators licensed

(IA Code section 321.174)

Kansas Licenses required

(KS Statute 8-235)

Kentucky Operators' licenses

[PDF] (KRS 186.410)
Unlawful to drive or permit another to drive without license [PDF] (KRS 186.620)

Louisiana Driver must be licensed

(LRS 32:52)

Maine License required

(MRS Title 29-A section 1251)

Maryland Drivers must be licensed

(MD Transp. Code section 16-101)

Massachusetts Operation of motor vehicle without license

(90 MGL section 10)

Michigan Violation of license provisions

(MI Vehicle Code sections 257.324 to 257.329)

Minnesota License required

(MN Statute 171.02)

Mississippi Requirement of motor vehicle operator's license

(MS Code 63-1-5)

Missouri Operation of motor vehicle without proper license prohibited

(MRS 302.020)

Montana Drivers to be licensed

(MCA section 61-5-102)

Nebraska Operator's license required

(R.R.S. Nebr. § 60-484)

Nevada Licensing of drivers required

(NRS 483.230)

New Hampshire License Required

(NH Statutes 263:1)

New Jersey Licensing of drivers

(NJ Statutes 39:3-10)

New Mexico Drivers must be licensed

(NMS 66-5-2)

New York Licensing of drivers; violations

(NY Vehicle & Traffic Code section 509)

North Carolina Issuance and renewal of drivers licenses

(NCGS section 20-7)

North Dakota Operators must be licensed

[PDF] (ND Code Chapter 39-06 scroll to 39-06-01)

Ohio Operation without valid license prohibited

(ORC section 4507.02)

Oklahoma Class requirements for driver licenses

(OK Statute 47-6-101)

Oregon Driving Privileges, Licenses, and Permits

[PDF] (OR Vehicle Code Ch. 807)

Pennsylvania Licensing of Drivers: Violations

[PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 15; scroll to Subchapter C)

Rhode Island License required to drive

(RI Code 31-10-1)
License to be carried and exhibited on demand (RI Code 31-10-27)

South Carolina Driver's license required

(SC Code scroll to section 56-120)

South Dakota Prohibition against driving without license

(SD Laws section 32-12-22)
Driving while license is revoked, suspended, or canceled (SD Laws section 32-12-65)

Tennessee License required

(TN Code section 55-50-301)

Texas Driver's Licenses and Certificates

(TX Transp. Code Ch. 521)

Utah Operating motor vehicle without license or registration

(UT Code 41-12a-603)

Vermont License required

(23 VSA section 601)

Virginia Driving without license prohibited; penalties

(VA Code 46.2-300)

Washington Driving without a license - misdemeanor

(RCW section 46.20.005)
Driving without a license - traffic infraction (RCW section 46.20.015)

West Virginia Drivers must be licensed

(WV Code section 17B-2-1)

Wisconsin Operators to be licensed; exceptions

[PDF] (WI Code Chapter 343 scroll to section 343.05)

Wyoming License required

(WY Statutes Title 31, Ch. 7 scroll to 31-7-106)

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