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License Penalties FAQ

You've probably heard the axiom driving is a privilege, not a right. And that is certainly the case with driving in the U.S. States generally have a lot of leeway with regard to the license penalties for both driving- and non-driving-related offenses.

Most states may suspend the licenses of drivers for a variety of infractions, including a DUI conviction or driving with a suspended driver's license. All states also have "implied consent laws," in which motorists may obtain a driver's license with the understanding that they must comply with a breathalyzer or similar alcohol test if prompted by an officer. Failure to comply with a testing request by an officer usually results in an automatic suspension.

There are a host of different scenarios in which you could get our license suspended, revoked or otherwise penalized. Some states of a points system - in which there are a certain number of points available to be taken away from your driver's license before it can be penalized. As each differs, it's important to know how the traffic laws in your state. And if your license is revoked or suspended for some reason, you have certain rights and procedures to follow.

Do you have more specific questions about driver's license penalties? Here are some of the most common questions asked about driver's license penalties to help guide you:

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